The Piggyback Foundation
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Family Stories

A letter from a Piggyback Family to the foundation…

Dear Piggyback Foundation Board,

When I was diagnosed with breast cancer last August, a millionnthings were running through my head. My husband and I had just bought our first home about 10 weeks before I found the lump. We were worried about medical bills, keeping our home, and my recovery. We tried to make the kids feel as secure as possible, though I was already trying to figure out where the money was going to come from for their extracurricular activity fees, sports equipment, driver's education classes, and Christmas…

Then my friend told me I had to get my application turned into the Piggyback Foundation immediately. She assured me it would be the best move I made. She was right! It was a blessing from the moment I walked in the door at When Pigs Fly. 

I had been out of work sporadically for appointments at that point, but I had not been approved for disabilty yet. When my application was approved by the Piggyback Foundation, my family liason from Piggyback came to visit and brought a check for $500.00. I almost broke down right there! That was almost the exact amount my check from work was short.

Since then, my girls were able to get new volleyball equipment, my oldest daughter was able to take driver's education classes, my son is taking karate lessons, and we had a Christmas that we could not provide because of the mounting medical bills. 

Most recently, we enjoyed a family getaway to Kalahari Resort and Waterpark. We had an amazing time and we came home to find and Easter card and check for Easter baskets and an meal.

It's overwhelming to say the least!

Through my treatment, I have been so tired that it has been difficult to get things done, however I wanted to share my story. I just wanted to let you all know how thankful I and my family are for everything. Because of your kindness, my family has made positve memories thoughout this difficult year.

I hope that we are able to give back in the future, and help other families, facing the challenges of a life threatening illness, get through their hard times.

Thank you,

Miranda and Family